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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photo Props

 I have a friend who lives down the street who also happens to be an amazing photographer!  She called me this summer and asked if I had anything I needed pictures of because she had a baby photo shoot.  I really wanted some pictures of my leg warmers and a couple of other things so I was able to run a few things over to her.  I am absolutly thirlled with the way they turned out!

 Leg warmers and Spring Fling Beanie.
The flowers are all on clips (even on the leg warmers) so you can get the baby all positioned and then add the flowers or the flowers could be left off or changed out for a different color.

One of the things that I love about the photo shots like this is that you can see how any of my hats can be used as photo props.  So you buy a hat for your newborn, use it as a prop in their first (or any age) photo shoot and then they have a fun cute hat to wear any time!

Close up of leg warmers.
Aren't they just the cutest!

This picture shows the diaper cover.
I know that naked pictures are all the rage but if you don't want to go that way the diaper cover is a fun option so you don't have to worry about a diaper showing up in your pictures.

This hat is my Summer Sun Hat.
I know you don't think of a crochet hat for summer but I am telling you this hat is perfect!  It gives coverage without over heating (my girls have tested!).  We LOVE this hat at our house!

I have a ton of photo prop stuff and I really love doing it!  So if there is something that you would like as a photo prop please ask!  I may already have it and if I don't I'm sure I can find it.  I have lent out the things that I have to friends and only ask that I get copies of pictures to use for my business.  If you would be interested in purchase you can find the Spring Fling Beanie to the right.  The Summer Sun Hat would be the same as far as pricing ect.  The Leg Warmers are $10 and can be done up to a size 10 girls.  The Diaper Covers are $10 for single color and can be done in stripes (really cute to match the Elf Hat in stripes) for $15.  If you buy things in sets there is a discount.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Elf Hat

 I wasn't so sure about this hat at first, but the more I have made the more I love it!  It really make for an adorable photo prop and a fun winter hat.  Porter would like for me to make him one, I just have to figure out how to make the pattern bigger!
It is fun because you can do it one color, two, or even three.  I can put the curly tail, a braided tail or a pom pom on the end.

Both of the above photos are a 2 color option with a wider pink stripe then white.

This is a 2 color option alternating every row.
These hats are $15 for a solid color, $20 for a 2 color option and $25 for three colors.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mademoiselle Slouchy Hat

 One of the things I love the most about this hat is that it is one size fits all.  It is officially an adult size hat but because of the way the brim is worked it fits down to a 6 year old!  It can also be done out of a light weight cotton for a fun light weight summer slouchy hat!

Back view of the hat.

Cost is $13

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daisy Cloche

 I love this hat!  It is so versitile.  It can be done all one color with or without the stripes as the ones shown or stripes.  The posibilities are endless!

This hat is $14 including a daisy flower (the flower shown on the pink hat) for children and $17 for adults.
Because I do all of my flowers on clips you can change them out and use the flower that comes with this hat on a headband or just in the hair.  You can also then wear the hat without a flower or mix it up and put a different flower on it.

Backtrack Newsboy

 This Newsboy is amazing!  I love it for so many reasons.  First, it is great for boys and girls.  I don't have a ton of stuff that is good for boys so when I find something that the boys will wear I am thrilled!  Second it is REVERSIBLE! The two sides have completely different looks so it makes them very versatile.  Third you use two strands of yarn so you can do different color combinations.  Makes for a very fun hat to do in school colors.


This hat is $12 for child sizes and $15 for adult.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Products New Pictures!

I am lucky enough to baby sit a set of twins and their big sister once a week. I am also lucky enough to have friends who are amazing photographers, one of whom lives just down the street from me. I had some of my photo prop stuff that I needed pictures of babies to use and a friend willing to take the pictures! Like I said I am sooo... lucky! =)

So a couple of weeks ago we were able to get schedules together and do a photo shoot. Here are some of the highlights. I will be adding these to my product line so if you are interested let me know, or you can check my Etsy shop (link in the upper right hand side) where I already have a few posted.

This is a "Newborn Nest"
This sweet little girl is a tiny bit big!
It is best for the newborn shots that are so popular when they are just a few days/weeks old!

This is a "Cocoon"
It measures about 19in in length so it works well from newborn up to maybe 5 or 6 months depending on the size of the baby. It is nice because it is like swaddling your baby without having to worry about the blanket coming unwrapped. It is nice because it can be used as a photo prop and then after as a blanket alternative!

It was wonderful because she was also able to get some great closeups of these cute babies in my "Lace and Scallops" hats! I didn't have any baby pictures of these! So cute, don't you think?!

By the way, these girls REALLY ARE TWINS!

This is the "Large Hammock" used in a different and creative way! What a great way to show case that you are getting so much more then a hanging photo prop!
It really is like a huge blanket with long strips at the ends!

The best thing about this hammock is how truly versatile it is! Large enough to fit both babies (they were 2 months when we did this by the way!)...

super cute, all tangled up together....

and yet can still be used for just a single baby!

Can you think of a better photo prop for twins?
You get pictures of them together and yet they can still have there own as well!

This is the hammock laying flat on the floor.
It really is huge!

A precious keep sake.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Products!

I am very excited to announce a bunch of new products! I have 2 new hats, a head warmer and a new flower! I am also finding new colors to add to my inventory all the time. I will try and keep these as updated as possible, but if there is a color you would like that you don't see contact me and we'll see what we can do!

This is a picture of all of my flowers.

As you can see we have a little bit of everything!

My newest flower is a 3 layer flower with a very tight center. It is tight enough it does not require anything in the center to help cover the clip! This flower can be done in the large size out of the heavy cotton yarn, regular yarn or the light weight cotton. The heavy cotton yarn and regular yarn qualify as a large flower and the light weight cotton would be a medium flower.

This is my head warmer. I am very excited about being able to add this to my collection! The Toddler/Medium size will fit 1-3 years in age. The 2 Children sizes are Large for 4-11 and X-Large for 12+.

It is a fun and versatile wide headband. From adults to...

younger girls and...

even teenagers!
It measures up to 6" wide.

This is one of my new hats patterns, "Spring Fling Beanie"

It is worked on a bigger hook then my original hat. That gives it a looser weave so it is light enough to wear even in the middle of the summer!

The perfect hat for anytime of year or a very cute photo prop!

This is my second new hat pattern. "Lace & Scallops"

This first of the 2 new hat patterns that I did. Emma wore it all day and I kept asking her if she was okay only to get the same, "I'm fine!" It is also worked on a bigger hook to keep it nice and loose. Another thing I like about both of these hats is the top is just solid enough to keep the sun off of little heads!

Another fun hat to complete any outfit or great photo prop!

I have really enjoyed working on these new products. I hope you like them. I have a few more things in the works that are really great photo props. As soon as I have some pictures I'll get those posted as well!
Thanks for all of your support! Keep passing the word around. I'm working on an incentive program so keep watching the blog for more information.
Hat & new flower patterns by The Busy Mom Designs
Head Warmer by Lawana Sisam
Pictures done by Portraits by Emily